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Our Success is Because of our Team:

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EST. 2015


Premier Athlete Training was founded in 2015 by Ben Durbin who is now an Olympic Strength and Conditioning coach with Iowa State University. @turbo_durbo_ Premier Athlete Training is designed with the mission to ensure each and everyone around us has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Providing a positive environment that fosters excellence. 


We Provide Proven Sports Performance Training for Youth, High School, Olympic, and Professional Athletes.

Premier Athlete Training is located in Ames, Iowa and houses a 8,000 sq ft 24-hr access training facility that is equipped with the most advanced coaches and technology available in the training industry. 

We offer daily sports performance classes and also offer 1 on 1 training options..


Our programming is utilized by thousands of coaches and athletes at all levels and all sports around the nation. We provide year around research based programming designed relative to each sports teams competitive schedule, including off-season and in-season training regiments.


Our programming is linked to our virtual video library providing exercise demonstrations and coaching cues for every exercise and work out. The authors of our state of the art programming is Designed by a team of leaders in the field with the highest levels of education and nationally accredited certifications available.


"Premier ATHLETE TRAINING's Programming is the best of its kind"




24 Hour access gym Membership

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