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1. Teach proper sprinting mechanics

2. Optimize movement patterns used in various sports

3. Increase flexibility and mobility

4. Improve agility

5. Increase speed

6. Optimize body composition

7. Build strength



An appointment is set with athlete, and/or parents or guardians discussing goals, areas of concentration, & program specifics.



Our training regimens are individually designed to help each athlete reach their set goals. Exercises are developed to simulate specific movements used in each athlete's sport of choice. From swimming to soccer to football, we develop programs tailored for each individual athlete's concentration.


Access to an advanced training regimen using state of the art technology. Our high speed treadmill provides our coaches with the ability to teach sprinting mechanics and body positioning simultaneously, beside the athlete as they are performing their exercise. The Tred-X 30/30 is capable of speed up to 30 mph and 30% grade.


Assessments will be conducted on each athlete's flexibility, balance, speed, endurance, strength, and agility. Assessments are conducted periodically to gauge each athlete's development and progress.



Helping our athletes get noticed! As an added value for all of our athletes, we will help increase exposure to colleges and universities. We communicate with coaches locally and nationally by sending film, test results, and athlete biographies.


Nutrition affects your energy levels, recovery rate, strength, focus, and overall well-being. Having the proper knowledge of how to fuel your body is crucial when trying to reach your full potential as an athlete. Our athletes are equipped with the best nutrition advice available. 

Supplements are very important for an athletes overall performance. However, remember

supplements are only intended to “Supplement” a balanced diet.

Official Partner of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union
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