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The Best in the NFL choose Premier


The fastest 40 yard dash in the 2018 NFL draft received his PRO DAY training at Premier Athlete Training (4.24 40 yard dash). Rico Gafford out of the university of Wyoming now with the Oakland Raiders.

Bryce Holmgren:

Syracuse University Softball


"I can't thank you guys enough for all of the work we put in over the past 6 weeks. I came in with big goals and we set out to reach them everyday! You guys were just as dedicated to my success as I was and it showed in every one of our workouts and in the final results! Thank you for all of your help and hard work!"

Bryce Holmgren a softball player, came to us with one goal in mind "Get Faster". In 6 weeks here are her results training with Premier 1on1 3 times a week.

Top Speed: 13mph ------ 17mph
20 Yard Dash: 3.22 ------ 2.97
Shuttle: 5.31------ 4.94
Broad Jump: 6'4" ------ 7'2"
Vertical Jump: 19" ------ 21"

Mitch Unrein:

9 year NFL Vet


"Premier is a great resource for athletes of all skill levels, from elementary to professional players like myself. It is the best of its kind providing high level coaching and training. I would recommend Premier coaches to anyone!"

Peyton Karns Team Captain:

National Champions 2015 Iowa Central


"At Premier Athlete Training you are expected to show up and give it your all! The amazing thing about this place is that all the instructors and trainers hold themselves to the same standards. He gives his all when training me, And so do all the other trainers. The trainers here care about more than just physical well being. Ben always takes the time to listen to me if I'm having struggles or a mental struggle during my trainings. I strongly believe this program is going to help so many athletes. And as I leave for college soon for my sophomore year of soccer at Iowa central, I cannot wait to come back to this premier family because it has honestly been such an amazing experience. So thank you all."

Onyeka Omoile- Former Iowa State Cyclone, Oakland Raider

“At Iowa State I look to Premier Athlete for supplement workouts to what we we're already doing to help me get that edge on my competition. The coaches are incredible leaders and Cory was a captain for us, they really know what they're talking about with speed, agility, and strength work”



Kendra Braucher-

I just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work.  This was a great experience for Sam. I will definitely share the positive experience we have had with others! Since Sam doesn't necessarily have the natural athletic ability that some of his teammates have, it's just important for Doug and I that he have some confidence and develop good work ethic.  We have definitely seen those increase over the summer (as well as improvement athletically so thank you).  We just want him to enjoy being part of a team because there are so many life skills that are developed from that alone. I appreciate that you guys got to know them as kids as well. Sam would tell us about Cory getting married, Ben trying out for the Olympic wrestling team, or about things the other kids in his group were doing.  We so appreciate that because we want him to learn the importance of getting to know people and developing relationships, and we can tell you accomplished that.  We would love for him to be successful athletically, but it's more important to us that he get along with and work well with people.

I also appreciate the flexibility in your schedules.  I would have loved for Sam to come the exact same day/time, but this summer was more nuts than I anticipated. With multiple kids in a variety of activities, camps, fair, etc, we were not able to stick to a consistent schedule. I appreciate that no matter what our schedule for the week was, we were able to find times to bring him there."

Wes Mayberry-


"Premier Athlete Training (PAT) is a unique program that has been a perfect fit for our sons and by far is the best choice available to imporve their development. Athletes not only develop athletic skills but they are also encouraged to push their limits to reach their full potential. The trainers focus on the individual athletes and develop specific programs to improve their speed and agility. This combined approach has enhanced their performance in the other sports they play. I highly recommend joining PAT, the trainers care for your children both on and off the field and work hard to ensure your child has success. 

Jan Ginder Williams- 


"PAT makes working out FUN! The team listens to your needs and targets the sessions based on your requests with high integrity and knowledge! Their conditioning knowledge is refreshing and they are so attentive to everyone's individual needs. They make getting up early worth it!"

Tonja Brooks-Goodwin-


"Premier Athlete Training pushes me beyond what I think I can do. As a runner, I set goals and work hard to achieve them. By training with the staff, I feel stronger and more in control of my movements both in running and now in strength and conditioning. I am constantly challenged, supported and encouraged by my trainers. The entire experience has been incredibly enjoyable, and I look forward to my morning workouts."

Dana Sleezer-

Everyone talks about his form. I always say Premier Athlete Training is why. Shout out to all you guys and what you do. Thank you!

Angie Strotman-

"The workouts at PAT are the perfect balance of strength and cardio training.  Ben gives just the right amount of encouragement, to help me achieve my goals.  I feel very accomplished when I leave workout.  The environment is ideal for me.....working out with other woman who are wanting to be healthy in mind and body. It truly is a judgment free zone!"  THANK YOU, PAT!

Henry Ziebol Hockey player:

"Making huge progress at premier athlete training. Started training barely being able to get 215 for squat and today was able to get 20 reps! Thanks to Cory Morrissey and the rest of all the trainers."


Onyeka Omoile - Oakland Raiders

Mitch Unrien - Denver Broncos

Dale Pierson - Green Bay Packers

Rico Gafford - Oakland Raiders

Quenton Bundrage - Houston Texans

Logan Klemp - University of Iowa

Garek Hurd - Iowa State

Taylor Forth - Drury University Soccer

Max Hopfgartner - Club Xuventude Basketball

Maddie and Mallory Spear - Buena Vista College

Deron Winn - UFC
Kyven Gadson - Iowa State, Olympics

Bryce Holmgren - Syracuse University Softball

Mason Buleman - Grandview Univeristy

Peyton Karns - Iowa Central Soccer

Abby Bremer - Grandview University Soccer

Calvin Bright - Northwest Missouri State

Dylan Rivers - Grandview University

Jansen Watson - Oakland Raiders

Hayworth Hicks - Indianapolis Colts


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