What We Offer


24 hour access

Single, Couple, Family, or Company Memberships - 4 olympic platforms, fitness classes, sports performance classes, kick boxing classes, yoga, app based programming, infrared sauna, high speed treadmill.


nutrition window

Available with all 24 hr members and group class members. Nutrition window is always stocked with healthy grab and go items!


infrared sauna

Included with your 24 hr membership the health benefits of our infrared sauna are endless! 

high speed treadmill

State of the art equipment, provides our coaches with the ability to teach sprinting mechanics and body positioning simultaneously beside the athletes as they are performing their exercise at maximum capacity, capable of speeds up to 30mph and incline of 30% grade. Training capabilities are endless.



Access to all of our sports strength and conditioning programming, and our daily workouts available for all members.



Great cardio and strength training available for all of our members!