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Fueling Tomorrow’s Champions: Three Iowa companies start health initiative for high school athletes

By Halee Olson and Ben Durbin with Premier Athlete Training

Premier Athlete Training in Ames, Hy-Vee and the Iowa Beef Council are teaming up to hold interactive Sports Nutrition Seminars that will provide high-quality sports nutrition information to high school students around the state of Iowa.

These informational seminars will help athletes understand proper health and wellness habits to enhance performance, improve recovery and maximize, build and repair muscle. At the close of the seminar, students will understand that there is no pill, powder or magic potion that can take the place of a sound fueling plan– nutrition requires consistent commitment to show progress.

Each entity involved with the seminar will bring unique specialties and knowledge to the event. Premier Athlete Training houses professionals that are equipped with the best sports training advice available, and the Iowa Beef Council brings information about the connection between beef protein and strength to the table. The presentation and content will be largely handled by Ellen Davis with Hy-Vee, a sports dietetics specialist and registered dietician working to implement performance nutrition education to high school student athletes.

The seminars will last 30-45 minutes and food will be provided to those who attend.

If you’d like more information about the Sports Nutrition Seminars or are interested in booking a seminar at your school, contact

Ben Durbin, Founder and Co-Owner of Premier Athlete Training at


For more information about each organization, visit, and

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